Changheng Automatic Sorting System Can Help You A Lot To Improve Your Warehousing

Automatic sorting system is necessary facilities condition for advanced distribution centers, with very high sorting efficiency, as usual, it can convey and sort 6,000~12,000 packages per hour, undoubtedly, automatic sorting equipment is a key factor which can improve logistic distribution efficiency. Automatic sorting systems were adopted widely in American and Japanese logistics center after Two Wold War, and the system has become indispensable parts of large and medium-sized logistics centers.

Automatic sorters are important equipment in automatic sorting system, it needs to build conveying and sorting equipment line as short as 40~50 meters, or as long as 150~200 meters, which needs to equipment matched mechatronics control system, computer networks and communication systems and so on, Automatic sorting system not only will occupy large land ( above 20,000 square meters), also need to build stereoscopic warehouse as high as 3~4 floors and own all kinds of conveying and transporting equipment(such as forklifts, AGV) to match automatic conveying and sorting.
How are automatic sorting system working?
Logistics centers receive all kinds of goods which are transported from thousands of suppliers or owners of cargo, logistics center should quickly classify all goods according to goods types, owners, storage bins, delivery addresses, then transport the goods to pointed locations (such as pointed shelves, process areas, shipping docks), meantime, when suppliers and goods owners inform logistics centers to despatch goods under shipping instructions, automatic sorting system will find the location of goods from large high-floor shelves storage system, and will ship goods as needed quantity, and fetch different quantities of goods from different storage bins, and convey goods to tally areas or docks for collecting, and load goods on trucks, and despatch goods to customers.

Automatic sorting systems are operated through these kinds of ways:
  1. Pusher sorting system
  2. Carbel Sorting
  3. Line shaft Diverter
  4. Pallet sorting system
  5. Swing Arm Diverter 
  6. baffle-type

Changheng company adopts Swing Arm Diverters in Automatic Sorting Systems at present, Our swing arm diverters are playing very stably and effectively, with better quality than other factories. At 2019 Guangzhou international logistics exhibition, an engineer,who is from a leading company in automatic sorting systems field, came to our exhibition booth, he admitted our automatic sorting system was better, and Swing Arm Diverter is perfect.