Changheng Conveying and Sorting Help You Better To Handle More Packages

According to China Posts statistics,
In the first half of 2018, delivered packages was up to 20 billions nationwide.
National research report on socialized e-commerce logistic practitionerspointed
To 2020, Chinese e-commerce logistic packages will increase to 100 billions,
Daily handling quantity will surpass 0.3 billion,
So here is a problem,
There is so many packages,
How are they sorted fast and delivered to your hands?
Only rely on manual force, its no impossible to realize.
For logistics business which is very sensible to workforce cost ,
Robots appear can be called epoch-making breakthrough.
Every process robots finished can reduce workforces cost, and increase efficiency.
At present, in warehouses

Robots can replace manual work on sorting, carrying, stacking and so on.
Meanwhile, in China, SF Express, JD company, Amazon, Alibaba are carrying on measures to meet Ai + Express strategy, using  Ai sorting conveyor belt.

In near future, Robots and More intelligent Sorting and Conveying equipment will be the first productivity.