What Difference Of WMS From Warehouse Management In ERP

WMS is abbreviated from warehouse management system,ERP(Enterprise Resource Planning) also has similar module of warehouse management, both of their functions seem similar, but also have different parts.
Both face to same management object, but on their functions there are many different parts, as mainly below:
1.Ways of management are different
ERP warehouse management emphasizes result management,WMS emphasizes process management.

ERP warehouse management faces to financial accounting, WMS faces to process control.
2.Different fineness degrees
Although ERP warehouse management also divide warehouse into storage areas and storage bins, but does not have process check function, its easy to happen mistaken storage, and messy storage, results in warehouse
WMS uses bar codes to mark every storage area and storage bin, upper and low shelves need to be scanned to conform, which can make sure that every operation of entry and shipping is accurate, realize accurate warehouse management.
3.Different efficiency
For ERP warehouse management, some factories also integrated it with bar code management functions, but which exists defects, it can not analyze other factories bar codes for use, it does not integrate with hardware of bar codes,detection hardware, finally it results in impossible practical application, needs manual input on entry and shipping, counting, inspection processes with low efficiency.
WMS has resolved above [problems, increased working efficiency and accuracy through scanning bar codes on entry and shipping processes, integrating with detection equipment, it not only reduces workload of warehouse staff, also increase completeness degree of material qualitys retrospect, facilitating detailed assessment of suppliers.
4.Different application scope
ERP warehouse management is suitable for some factories which have less  batches and types of material and goods,lower frequency of entry and shipping,  low requirements of warranty period and retrospect.
SMS is suitable for factories which have more batches and types of material and goods, higher frequency of entry and shipping, higher requirements of warranty period and retrospect.
5.Different integrating with hardware applications
ERP warehouse management basically dont have hardware applications integrating, WMS has integrated with bar codes equipment, conveying equipment, forklift terminals, detection equipment, realized automation of warehousing management.
Different extensibility
ERP warehouse management belongs to formed software modules, basically cant support custom program, can not be close to customers individual demands.
WMS is more flexible, belongs to second programable software based on original software frames, more close to demand of customers.