Distribution Logistics Sector-The Advantages Of Intelligent Logistics Sorting System?

With the rapid adjustment of the domestic economic structure and the rapid development of logistics, China's logistics industry has changed. Traditional manual sorting cannot meet market demand, and sorting business is developing in the direction of automatic sorting. The intelligent sorting system has broad application prospects and plays a huge role and advantage in the applicability of the application field and the economic benefits of the system.

1. Intelligent sorting system can be flexibly connected with other logistics equipment, such as automatic warehouse, various storage stations, automatic collection chain, various vehicles, robots, etc. Realize the distribution of material logistics, the distribution and management of material information flow. Its modular design allows it to be perfectly matched to all types of logistics equipment regardless of site constraints.

2. Using the intelligent sorting system, the manual sorting greatly reduces the labor intensity of the stacked materials, and the operator can track the materials and complete the ordering work without performing a large amount of reporting work, thereby greatly improving the labor productivity. In addition, the elimination of indirect labor workloads, such as material warehouse personnel, issuers and cargo handlers, further reduces operating costs.

3. Due to the stable operation of the intelligent sorting system, it has high safety. At the same time, it reduces the number of manual picking and the damage of items, creates more value for customers, and wins more credibility and business opportunities for the company.

4. Using the intelligent sorting system, due to the accuracy of the delivery address, the possibility of material classification errors is reduced, and the economic loss and reputation loss due to classification errors are reduced. The accuracy of the ball module with the sorting system is 99.99%, which is much higher than the accuracy of manual sorting.

5. Because the intelligent sorting system adopts standardized and modular assembly, the system layout is flexible and easy to maintain.

6. The ordinary sorter is suitable for sorting goods with flat bottom and hard packing rules. Bagged goods, soft and uneven bottom of the package, and items in the super book cannot be accurately classified. The ball module with automatic sorting system can be adapted to a variety of packaged goods, especially for flexible packaging and flat bottom woven bags.

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