Part of Intelligent Warehousing Systems

The use of Intelligent Warehousing Systems has been continuously expanded. The automated unmanned warehouse unmanned operation effectively reduces the labor cost of the manufacturer and improves the chaos of warehouse management, thus reducing the management difficulty of the enterprise warehouse.

The Automated Warehouse is a complex project that includes a number of facilities and management systems, including the shelf section, which is the main part of an automated warehouse that enables intensive storage. The storage space of the three-dimensional shelves is generally quite dense, so it can effectively utilize the space per inch of the enterprise warehouse. The three-dimensional shelf generally adopts the structure of the beam shelf, so that the whole body can be more stable, and the height extension of the three-dimensional shelf can be effectively ensured, and the access speed can be improved.

The second is the storage tray, which is a kind of storage equipment for the automated warehouse to achieve dense storage. A cargo position actually refers to a tray placement position. The pallet specifications used in automated warehouses are generally determined by stereoscopic shelves and cargo rules. The way of accessing goods is mostly based on pallets.

The third is the railroad road stacking truss and forklift. Because the automatic three-dimensional warehouse is a high-dimensional three-dimensional shelf, because it is an automatic control system, it is difficult for a general forklift to fully adapt to the three-dimensional shelf operation. Tracked trusses can be used in conjunction with automated warehouses for efficient operation.

The fourth is the automated conveyor line. The automatic conveyor line is placed in front of the three-dimensional shelf, which can effectively connect the three-dimensional shelves and can be used for cargo access. Therefore, the goods to be accessed are sent to a designated place through an automated conveyor line.

The fifth is the management control system. The management control system is actually the software part of the auto-stereo warehouse, which determines the automation, intelligence and unmanned operation of the automated warehouse.

The above is part of the smart storage equipment