About Changheng

Changheng Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. is a complete equipment system engineering company specializing in modern logistics automation system engineering and high-speed picking system engineering design, research and development, integration, production, sales, installation and maintenance. It is a high-tech with independent intellectual property rights. enterprise. The company is located in Dongguan, a famous manufacturing city in China.   Changheng's business philosophy is to provide customers with a full range of advanced, high-quality intelligent logistics automation system solutions, so that every customer of Changheng has an industry-leading logistics automation system. The main areas cover express, logistics, e-commerce, factory and other production and processing centers or warehouse logistics centers.   Changheng has strong strength. Its design and research center has more than 20 senior and intermediate mechanical and electrical engineers. It also has the most advanced design concepts and technologies in the world, and can provide professional complete solutions in the logistics automation industry. One of the highlights of Changheng Logistics Automation System Engineering is the modular design, which has the advantage of meeting the needs of customers' rapid development through simple modular upgrades, and easily solving the increased throughput required by customers' various production lines.

Intelligent Conveyor Sorting Platform

standardization, modularity; flexible, quick installation; reliable operation.

The products of Intelligent Conveyor Sorting Platform are mainly used in e-commerce distribution, airport logistics, postal delivery, and other industries.

Intelligent Storage System Engineering

Stable system technology architecture;The clear system interface;full automation management;Visualization, graphical information display;Optimal allocation;Practical permissions and log management;Query analysis and reporting function.

Customs Intelligent Inspection System

It has powerful functions includes Automatic sorting function of goods,online check switching function,Fault emergency shutdown safety protection function,Seamlessly interface with customs entry and exit security risk public opinion monitoring platform and so on.