Suspended Conveyor System

Automatic sorting system of Express packages for C

Gravity Powered Roller Conveyor System

Roller line has the characteristics of large conve

Integrated Conveyor Systems

Changheng Intelligent Warehouse System integrates

Multi Deep Radio Shuttle Racking

Multishuttle is an AC-DC-driven shuttle that runs

High efficiency automatic shuttle plate-Logistic Conveying System

Shuttle Plate is high technology integration, high

Rail Guided Vehicle-Cross Belt Sorting System

RGV is also called rail shuttle trolley. RGV troll

Automatic Guided Vehicle-Intelligent Sorting System

AGV is a transport vehicle equipped with an automa

Double-lift Pallet rack

Double-lift Pallet racking is an automated three-d

Warehouse Storage Drive-In Pallet Racking System

Drive-in Racking system is an automated three-dime

Automated storage and retrieval system

There're two types of Stacker: Single column roadw

Single Deep Pallet Racking

The beam type shelf is the most common type of

Guangdong Changheng Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. is an excellent enterprise integrating automation logistics system in China. It is committed to logistics system planning and consulting, equipment design and manufacturing and system integration, and provides system total solutions in the field of logistics.
We adhere to the planning principles of unified information flow and logistics, minimizing costs, maximizing capacity, maximizing efficiency, minimizing error rate, and standardizing management. We provide the following services:
1) Analysis and optimization of logistics system process and process;
2) Logistics facility layout and planning;
3) Automatic warehouse and general warehouse planning and design;
4) Logistics transportation system planning and equipment;
5) Planning and design of zero-removal and picking area;
6) Planning and development design of logistics information system;
7) Logistics system integration and implementation.
8) Customs intelligent inspection system and integrated equipment