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Changheng Intelligent logistics Tech are perfectly used in Conveying and Sorting Automation with advanced, mature tech. and experience, Our company has been specialized in intelligent conveying and sorting for 20 years. now we have owned many big customers in China, such as SF Express, JD company, and other many main logistics companies. now we can make better intelligent conveying and sorting systems and platforms than many leading companies in the intelligent conveying and sorting field, because we have formed mature tech. and experiences , make most use of them in our conveying and sorting equipment, so our products can be performed so stably and durably. This is the reason why we can win the biggest orders from JD company, and SF Express. and keep cooperating with them on building new projects of smart conveying and sorting lines. meanwhile we have been eager to expand sales to overseas, and have started to cooperate with overseas customers, such as many wholesalers which have so many warehouses, we help them to design and make and install complete conveying and sorting platforms to improve their goods conveying and sorting. these companies have gained much more profits, because our conveying and sorting products really reduced their human sources, let employee to work in ease, and avoided logistic sorting errors. Now we are in process of building converying and sorting lines in America, in which the customers are drinks and beverage wholesalers, and praised us that our conveying and sorting formats are suitable for their products sorting, and in Australia and New Zealand we also have customers, who need us to help them improve their warehousing work efficiency.

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