LIFO And FIFO in Storage System

Storage System need more and more intelligence and automation as Society and Economy development need more and more high efficiency and energy-saving, but a ideal Storage System is a complex project, including all kinds of software systems and hardware logistics equipment, such as WMS (warehouse management system), WCS(Warehouse Control System), DPS(Digital Picking System),AS/RS system(Automatic Storage and Retrieval System), conveying and sorting equipment, AGV, Stacker Cranes, three-dimensional racks and so on. 

About intelligent and automated three-dimensional racks in warehouses, first let us learn LIFO – drive-in And FIFO – drive-through Drive-in and drive-through rack is designed for last-in, first-out (LIFO – drive-in) or first-in, first-out (FIFO – drive-through) inventory management. Pallets are stored on support rails that are attached to uprights and are accessed by a lift truck that drives in to the system with the load elevated to the height of the rail and placed in the selected storage location. Picking aisles are eliminated allowing for higher density in limited spaces, such as freezer or cooler storage.  Since picking aisles are eliminated, drive-in and drive-through systems offer low selectivity. As low selectivity racking systems, they are ideal for storing large quantities of homogeneous products, products with long life spans, and products that require large, one-time moves. These products include furniture or fragile items that cannot be stored in block stacks. Product Flow In drive-in rack, the lift truck loads and unloads by entering through the front of the system and then backing out, making it a LIFO option. In drive-through rack, the lift truck is able to enter through both ends of the system for loading and unloading allowing for a FIFO storage option but requiring an additional aisle.

 Specifications and Options Frame types:Roll formed – open and closed column  Structural channel In-bay lift truck guidance: Floor mount guide angle Rack mounted rub rail X-bracing: Horizontal and vertical  x-bracing is supplied as  needed per design requirements  and local code Top tie beams and rail support beams: Top ties to help stabilize the entire system Rail support beams for rear position Load rails: Structural angle rail 3/16″ and 3/4″ Column section 14ga and 13ga “Z” rails Load rails are top-mounted to arm Entry frame options:  Off-set Cant-back 

Available in single or double deep entry design Recommended up to 10 deep per side Arms are tapered structural angle for clearance and strength Complete Rack System Products and Services Changheng Storage System can provide you with products to complete your material handling system,including decking, shelving,and mezzanines.

 At Changheng Storage System, we combine our superior selection of quality products with professional, first-rate service. We will gladly assist you with selecting the right options for your particular needs and can provide additional support to help you complete your project. From rack system engineering to rack installation, we can help with all of the needs of your material handling operations.