Intelligent Conveying and Sorting,Warehousing, Inspection at Customs

Duangdong Changheng Intelligent Technology co., specialized in Intelligent Conveying and Sorting,Warehousing, Inspection at Customs.

Our Company is located in Dongguan city China, We own more than 20 engineers who are good at mechanism and electrics,and software.we have ability which can integrate whole systems and solutions on smart logistics.we also have a 10,000 square meters manufacturing building which can make most equipment,so we can give you competitive products, better control quality and delivery time. the best advantage for us is to customize for our customers,providing better OEM service. because most products are non-standard, we need to design and manufacture according customers'requirement. In China we are very famous in the fields of logistic automation, intelligent logistics, manufacturing automation, we often face the situation that many customers come inquire prices to us for a same project in domestic market. this proves that we have good reputation, and our conveying and sorting products are thought very well in the field.

Now we have been cooperating domestic main express companies such as SF express,China EMS, YUNDA Express, and so on.we also help JD company who is the biggest B2B E-commerce company to install cold-chain conveying and sorting which need higher technical requirement, but we excellently finished projects, and get trust from DJ company, in future we will have more possibility to cooperate with JD.In addition our Customs inspection is also very good and mature, we succeed to install the automation systems and equipment at Shenzhen Customs, helping Shenzhen Customs Staff to speed up their cross packages' sorting and inspection. now we also try to cooperate with more China Customs branches, and oversea Customs.

Meanwhile, we also sell our products to other countries, such as to America, and Australia, New Zealand.Our most foreign customers are wholesaler who really need our systems and equipment to improve their warehousing,and sorting levels. when they started to use our conveying and sorting equipment, it will fast improve workforce's efficiency and reduce human cost.Now we are coming to a intelligence and automation age, all the over world wanna improve working efficiency, largely reduce human cost. we are in a process of more competitive age.And now Chinese automation industry are developing very fast, our level will soon catch up western level, and our price is more competitive, Chinese workforce advantage will soon go away, so we really need more and more intelligent technology and equipment to replace human workforce, help our manufacturing industrial to keep competitive on the world.