Improve the efficiency of logistics delivery-industrial belt conveyors

With the rapid development of e-commerce, the entire logistics industry is expanding rapidly. In recent years, the development of express delivery companies and logistics companies has been in full swing, with thousands of large and small logistics expresses. Online shopping companies have multi-directional selective expansion, consumer demand has gradually increased, peer competition can be described as terrible. This makes how to improve the efficiency of logistics delivery has become the primary problem solved by logistics express delivery companies.

As we all know, a good express logistics company must have the purpose of high efficiency, high quality and high service. High efficiency and high quality must rely on advanced technology equipment. Intelligent automated logistics conveyors, telescopic belt conveyors, roller conveyors, conveyor turning machines, express sorting lines,industrial belt conveyors and other large-scale logistics equipment, logistics sorting system will be the key to the success of today's logistics industry. The logistics express company receives thousands of goods every day, in order to ensure that the goods can reach the consumers in the fastest and most secure way. It must be guaranteed that the packaging speed is fast and the goods in the packaging and conveying process are not damaged. This requires improvement of the existing manual sorting and slow delivery, and the efficiency of manual trailer handling is not high.

The rapid development of the logistics industry requires that express delivery enterprises must improve the efficiency of logistics delivery in order to develop. It is necessary to properly distribute different items to consumers in the shortest possible time. The items can be quickly and accurately classified according to the quality of the goods, the owner, the storage place and the sending place. They can be used with the conveyor belts such as the telescopic belt conveyor, the climbing belt conveyor and the roller turning machine. The logistics sorting needs to accurately find the location of the goods to be delivered from the huge high-level storage rack storage system in the shortest time, and the required quantity to be out of the warehouse, etc., which needs to be suitable for the site, space, loading and labor. Express sorting lines to improve logistics delivery efficiency.