A Journey To Guangzhou International Logistic Exhibition

A Journey To Guangzhou International Logistic Exhibition
In May 2019 for Changheng there was an professional logistic equipment exhibition which is a domestic exhibition, but maybe at which there would have been many foreign customers, so As a sales person who is responsible for overseas sales I am very looking forward to the logistics exhibition this time, by the way I was a newcomer in the company in that time, I had not known well about the exhibitions in previous years.
Before the exhibition we had been ready well to join it, we had made professional video which introduces our company and our intelligent conveying and sorting products. in the video it shows our company history, intelligent logistics equipment line, and many smart conveying and sorting projects which had been installed for our domestic customers such FS Express, JD company, and for our American customer who was a beverage wholesaler, who really needed our products to convey and sort all kinds of bottle beverage and drinks in their warehouse.Undoubtedly we made a perfect intelligent conveying and sorting systems for our American customers, in the video you can see our complete set of equipment playing stably and effectively, we really helped them to improve their warehousing efficiency, and it will bring much more profits to our customer under long time using our intelligent logistic equipment.
Back to the exhibition, our workers had removed half set of equipment from our company show room to Guangzhou International Logistics Exhibition in advance, and had installed in ready at the exhibition,in the process there are much difficulty we had to conquer, and we did it, when the exhibition was held on May 29, All of our sales staff were standing at our exhibition booth, we were ready to receive all the customers who were coming to us and see conveying and sorting equipment.For the logistics exhibition we had prepared two new products, one was brand-new swivel roller sorters , and the other was upper and lower flow conveyor. When we started our samples equipment of intelligent conveying and sorting systems, we perfectly displayed our products' function, application, so many packages were conveying on our conveying circles, and all packages with bar codes can be detected my our machine, and can be sorted in to individual sorting gapes , so more and more peoples gathered into our conveying and sorting platform, gave us very high praises to our conveying line, and thought that our roller conveyors and belt conveyors were made very well, and whole systems of equipment were playing very excellently. And all high praises from people in same field should own to our skilled engineers and experienced worker at site before,for greeting the exhibition's coming, in the mornings of May 27, and May 28, they got up early, and worked very late in the evenings, I had to say it's not easy for the equipment company to join exhibition, but to go to see customers and better serve them, all efforts are worthy being taken.
Actually we received many customers, especially domestic customers, I saw our colleagues were so busy with receiving customers, and answering their professional questions, and we were very pleased to entertain people in the same business, communicate with them about present logistics and smart conveying and sorting prospect, and Our Swivel Roller Sorters and Roller conveyors expressed them deeply, for me as Foreign Trade Sales Manager, I received more than 15 foreign customers, most of them are Asians,some are American, and European. They were very interested in our conveying and sorting systems, and thought it's necessary to use more advanced equipment instead of using huge human sources on warehousing works, the companies who can reduce cost and improve efficiency will service on the more competitive business, it's very eager for employers let workers to learn more stills and let them work more easily but more effectively. I told An American customer that we don't fear for Trade War between China and American, we don't fear American punitive tariff against China, American employers will count how much profits it will bring to them under using our equipment. 25% tariff rate can not succeed in limiting American companies to Our Intelligent Conveying and Sorting Products. Because human source cost would be more and more expensive in near future, In china it's like this, it's more likely in American, so is it in Vietnam in future.We have to be fit for the coming age which is more competitive, and we can't avoid, and any external power can stop the irreversible development of age.
As this was a domestic exhibition, I cant receive as many foreign customers as domestic sales person who really got lots of name cards from domestic, but we will soon join Shanghai international logistics exhibition in Nov. 2019, that is really an international exhibition, which surely gather all professional customers from all the world, so let me learn and work hard, I will prepare to greet the big chance for me. I believe I will meet many foreign friends there, let us look forward to it.