Automatic Sorting Systems Will Perfectly Handle 71,000 packages In 1 Hour In SF Company

it can finish sorting 71,000 packages in 1 hour, FS Express will tell you what intelligent logistics is, and what automatic sorting system is?
To keep trying to reduce human cost, all developed countries in the wold are trying to increase warehousing efficiency, and try hard to develop new projects. In China, SF Express, JD company, Amazon, Alibaba also join in intelligent logistics, they are decided to realize strategic layout  artificial intelligence+ Express , undoubtedly, this strategy can not leave intelligent logistics, especially automatic sorting part.
Now I will introduce a fright hub of SF Express, let us to learn their automatic sorting center in Shenzhen.
According to introduction from SF project principal, as design of the automatic sorting system, it can process at least 71,000 packages in 1 hour, if a worker can sort 500 packages in 1 hour, it needs 150 works to finish these packages in 1 hour.
There is a power center sorting system which supports the set of sorting equipment. Before all packages are conveyed on automatic sorters, they should be scanned and detected. Then center sorting system will sort and dispatch all packages, according to different destinations, all different packages will flow to different places where they belong to.

On complete process from entry, staying in warehouse to sorting, loading, it does not have workforce, Storage room shows high efficiency and excellent flexibility.

So here science and technology became the first productive force.

The biggest advantages for adopting intelligent logistic equipment, and automatic sorting systems are greatly increase logistic efficiency, adopting intelligent equipment to sort and scan packages will greatly induces human cost, SF company only needs to make a detailed work plan, let employee to better operate these intelligent logistic equipment and systems, it will reduce human investment on putting packages into warehouse, so get higher economic benefit.