Smart Sorting Systems

Data displayed, it estimated that 2015 China E-commerce turnover is 20.8 trillion RMB, year-on-year growth 27%, nationwide express companies’ business volume is up to 20.67 packages, year-on-year growth 48%. recently, Alibaba Group announced, E-commerce turnover is above 3 trillion RMB in recent financial year, will be the biggest retail platform online, on thrust of mobile internet and other new tech., information consumption economy are fast increasing, the demand caused by E-commerce for logistic equipment,warehousing, despatch, distribution will be increasing fast.

Considering the fast increase of human cost in recent years, it will result in increasing demand for smart sorting systems and other informatized products. From view of automatic efficiency, at present Semi-automatic sorting machine’s efficiency is 3 times than manual force, sorting machine’s efficiency is up to 6 times. In a complete automatic warehousing systems, conveying and sorting machines are key equipment,the cost is up to 36%.

In fields of logistics distribution center and Express sorting center, there are many packages which should be scanned and classified according to delivery addresses by manual scanning, then will be transported to delivery location, finally couriers will dispatch these packages. Logistic smart sorting system is to replace manual work, automatically finish packages classifying, with high sorting efficiency , and low error rate, bring much better experience of customers.

Smart Sorting Systems usually includes control equipment, sorting equipment, conveying equipment, sorting outlets.

Control equipment is used to detect, receive, process sorting signals according to instructed signals by scan and keyboard input and then to decide which packages go to relevant sorting outlets.

Conveying equipment mainly include belt conveyors and roller conveyors, the main function is make packages to convey on sorting machines through control sorting equipment by relevant signals detected from packages’ bard codes, according to quantity of packages, and customers’ demand of sorting efficiency, the conveying equipment should be enough, and conveying line is long enough, to make sure all packages can be sorted into individual sorting outlets without any heavy traffic on conveying lines.

Sorting equipment will sort all the packages on it, according to control equipment, and sorting equipment efficiency and stability is very important.

Sorting outlets are passages between conveying lines and collection areas, packages leave main conveying lines and enter to sorting outlets by sorting machines.I n collection docks,workers will collect all packages, then transport to warehouses or load them a truck for dispatching.

So smart sorting systems will play a big role in warehouses for express company and wholesalers.