Warehouse Management System is a key part in Automatic Storage and Retrieval System

Warehousing system can not leave logistic equipment and software which are two key factors in the system. As usual, automatic warehousing system software includes: warehouse management system(WMS), warehouse equipment control system(WCS). Automatic Warehousing System has 3 layers, the top one is WMS, which is to process warehousing logic;the bottom one is logistic equipment,such as roadway stacker,AGV system, conveying and sorting equipment;WCS is located in middle layer between WMS and logistic equipment, is in charge of coordinating and scheduling activities of bottom logistic equipment, make bottom logistic equipment to completely carry out works process of warehousing system, plus the process is completely executed under beforehand setting by the system.

WMS - warehouse management system. Changheng intelligent logistics is a platform product based on WMS, the platform is suitable for manufacturing industrial, 3PL, E-commerce logistics, can support personalized development.The system mainly includes store-in management module, store-out management module, store areas management module ,orders management module, hardware management module, basic document management module , statistics and inquiry management module, through these 7 modules, it can meet the demand of warehousing management. The system reserve and internal systems butt joint can make sure both systems' store dates united.

WCS :Warehouse Control System---Under complicated and variable application environment for intelligent warehousing system , WCS should be make sure high reliability and high efficiency, so WCS program is very important. As usual,although WCS don't control logistic equipment's motions, it can play a key role of coordinating all kinds of equipment, it has two layers for controlling equipment: 1. equipment control layer and equipment management layer. WCS from Changheng alone research and development is in charge of coordinating, scheduling all kinds of hardware at logistics center, such as roadway stacker, all kinds of conveying and sorting equipment, AGA, RGV, lifters, DPS electrical labels etc., make all kinds of equipment to work ,and execute orders according to beforehand set process, operating staff's work 

DPS: Digital Picking System---It's a set of electronic devices installed in storage locations,through lights and figures display as auxiliary tools, it can lead pickers to correctly quickly easily finish picking works. DPS have many functions such as flexible control and process, live monitoring on spot,emergent order processing,DPS can effectively reduce error rate of picking goods, increase picking speed, it can make picking work fluent, Changheng products have best flexibility, which can realize diversified demands, can provide custom-made support systems.

1.Single column stacker---it utilizes rectangular frame construction, is consist of one column and two cross girdles, although frame construction is less strong on firmness , but it's better on flexibility, lift weigh is within 2 tons, it's suitable small goods lifting, and lift height is within 16 meters.2.Double column stacker---it is consist of two column and two cross girdles, construction firmness and strength increase much compared with single column stacker, quality of itself is larger than single column stacker, so the devices' stability is much better. Double column stackers are suitable for all kinds of lift heights for lift processing. lifting weigh can be up to 5 tons, plus it can increase lifting height according to practical conditions.

Warehouse Management System is very important and can play a big role in Automatic Storage and Retrieval System (AS/RS system), Changheng researched and developed WMS on our own, is devoted to make world-class warehouse equipment, and design best software in order to diversified demands from logistics company,warehousing company, E-commerce, and wholesaler all over the world.