Rail Guided Vehicle-Cross Belt Sorting System

RGV is also called rail shuttle trolley. RGV trolley can be used in various high-density storage warehouses. rail guided vehicle is a kind of the electric transport car, which is a mature material handling equipment. More importantly, rail guided vehicle has become a new favor in industrial transfer field all over the world with hot market, especially for workshop transportation. Rail guided vehicle can be customized according to your request.

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Rail Guided Vehicle

RGV(cross belt sorting system) is also called rail shuttle trolley. RGV trolley can be used in various high-density storage warehouses. The trolley lane can be designed to be arbitrarily long, which can increase the storage capacity of the entire warehouse, and it does not require a forklift to enter the roadway during operation, so that the safety will be higher. In the use of forklifts, there is no need to enter the roadway, and the rapid operation of the trolley in the roadway can effectively improve the operating efficiency of the warehouse. The simple understanding is that RGV is orbital, can only run with the track, and changing the track is cumbersome, the flexibility is not so good compared to the AGV, but the price is lower than the AGV.

Rail Guided Vehicle
10T 50T steel plant automatic rail guided vehicle for material transport

Power source AC 380v is transformed to AC 36v three-phrase through transform and connected to the three rails respectively. The wheels and conducting plate of rail guided vehicle lead the AC 36v electricity to the electrical appliance box. AC 36v is transformed to AC 380v through transformer, and control AC metallurgy motor through AC motor system to make the rail guided vehicle start, stop, go forward, go backward, etc.
Advantages of rail guided vehicle

1.The rail guided vehicle can turn flexibly without cable;
2.The rail guided vehicle has insulation wheel with long lifetime;
3.The working time and running distance of rail guided vehicle is unlimited;
4.The load capacity of rail guided vehicle is 1-500tons and can be customized;
5.U frame, V frame, hydraulic lifting system, etc can be equipped as your request;
6.Rail guided vehicle can run on vertical rails, “L”rails, “S”rails, arc-shaped rails, etc;
7.Rail guided vehicle can be applied in the high using frequency condition and high temperature environment, is suitable for medium-and-long distance material transportation.
Parts Showing of rail guided vehicle  

Technical Parameters of rail guided vehicle