Automatic Guided Vehicle-Intelligent Sorting System

AGV is a transport vehicle equipped with an automatic guiding device such as electromagnetic or optical and belongs to the category of wheeled mobile robots.

Product Details

Automatic Guided Vehicle

AGV(intelligent sorting system) is a transport vehicle equipped with an automatic guiding device such as electromagnetic or optical, which can travel along a prescribed guiding path, with safety protection and various transfer functions. AGV belongs to the category of wheeled mobile robots, and the main three items of AGV Technology: hinge structure, engine split technology and energy feedback. AGV has high flexibility and can turn freely. It is more intelligent than RGV and its price is more expensive than RGV.

Automated Guided Vehicle System Technical Parameter

Specification Data
Moving Speed 0-45m/min (custom)
Turning Radius magnetic placement min arc R=2600mm (custom)
Guidance Precision ±10mm
Driving Method differential speed
Guidance Type Magnetic Tape
Moving Direction One-way, two-way, omni way
Gradeability <3°
Driving Voltage DC48
Carrying Capacity  Custom
Charging Method Manual (Automatic)
Stop Precision ±10mm
Battery Type Lead Acid or Lithium Battery
Alarm Type sound-light alarm
Time for Full Charging Lead Acid Battery (8 hours). Lithium Battery ( 5 hours)
Obstacle Avoiding Method Obstacle Avoidance Sensor or Anti-collision Bumper
Battery Continuous Working 8 hours
Backpack Type Platform or Chain
Safety Sensing Range 0-180 degree, the distance 0-3M (adjustable)

Automatic guided vehicle System Component

1. AGV body and control system

2. AGV upper computer control system

3. AGV position controller

4. AGV automatic charging system
Automatic guided vehicle Dispatching Control System

Dispatching control system mainly include main control distribution unit, terminal dispatching device as well as AGV. It adopts mutual communication


The main function is as following:

1.Receive the movement information of each AGV terminal; 2.Assign task;

3.Dispatch movement path;

4.Keep AGV traffic order;

5.Record AGV running track;

6.Monitor AGV task condition;

7.Record AGV default information;

8.Monitor AGV charging station

Standard battery for AGV is lead acid type. The AGV can work 8 hours for full charging.

In order to keep the AGV system from manual intervention for 24 hours, we advise you to adopt ground automatic charging pile with 30A.

Automatic charging file is installed in the welding working station, when the AGV waiting for welding, it can charge simultaneously.

Industry application ( automatic guided vehicle ):
The main function of the AGV trolley is to realize the unmanned and automatic handling of logistics transfer in industrial applications, so as to reduce the production cost and improve the economic benefits of the industry. The AGV automatically travels along a predetermined route, automatically transporting goods or materials from the starting point to the destination, and the AGV's driving path can be flexibly changed.