What kind of scene barcodeization is implemented by the intelligent conveying sorting systems?

Barcode technology is a priority means to ensure the optimization of warehouse operations, make full use of warehouse space, provide customers with high-quality services quickly and easily, and increase the value of foreign exchange. Therefore, many enterprises often introduce bar code technology in warehouses to reduce warehouse workload and management difficulty.
The standard intelligent conveying sorting systems cooperates with the data collector and intelligent SMD racks through the whole bar code management to realize the network connection between the device and the system, enabling it to have various functions such as batch identification, real-time recording, information tracing and data analysis. Real-time, accurate and complete grasp of the flow of materials, which plays a positive role in improving warehouse management.
The main application scenarios of the intelligent storage system
1. Product management barcode
Barcode technology is used to give each product a unique barcode identification. The logo contains information such as its name, category, batch, quantity, manufacturer, etc., and then scans with PDA to know the relevant information of the product in real time, and the data is recorded into the system in real time. Quickly and accurately query the location and information of your products.
2, Material operation bar code
Tray, turnover box, packaging, etc., directly paste the fixed serial number operation label, employees can scan the barcode to achieve fast batch receipt, from receiving materials to sales and shipping, to achieve material life cycle trace, greatly improve the staff Work efficiency reduces the workload of the original employee.
3, Location management bar code
According to the area-shelf-layer-bit order, the location is coded and the barcode label is pasted. For example, the B area A shelf 5 layers 16 bits, abbreviated as BA-5-16; through the binding of material and location, you can quickly query The location of the material to achieve all-round management of the material.
4, Job instructions barcode
The warehouse operations are barcoded and marked in the form of shelves and materials. Through the SMD shelf lighting guide, the space can be stored, and the shelves are efficiently placed and prepared, which reduces the personnel requirements and greatly improves the utilization rate of the warehouse.
5, Business document barcode
Business receipts such as warehouse receipts and invoices, and barcode numbering of the document number, reduce the workload of manual statistics, improve the efficiency of the operation, and solve the traditional management mode in which manual statistics are prone to human error and information communication is not timely.
6, Inventory management barcode
Barcode can link inventory, production, procurement and sales, effectively control inventory anomalies, provide scientific basis for production, procurement and sales decisions, and comprehensively utilize various resources and space to ensure reasonable inventory distribution and Efficient operation.