Suspended Conveyor System

Automatic sorting system of Express packages for Customs is an important application for modern automatic sorting system. It provides information verification, packages inspection, packages location detection, remote control monitoring etc. Therefore it realizes integration from packages declaration, inspection to sorting, packages inspection is more transparent, it reduces equipments wear and loss, improves accuracy and efficiency of sorting,sorting system mainly includes control module, inspection module, date processing module, monitoring module.

Product Details

Features of customs intelligence inspection




Guangzhou Zhuangyuan Valley Cross-border E-commerce Online Inspection and Supervision Project (Huangpu District Economic and Trade Bureau)

After the installation in July 2015, it is the first set of shared equipment for customs, summary and intelligent sorting in China.

Two intelligent inspection lines(suspended conveyor system), three sorting ports for each line: customs sorting port, national inspection sorting port, and customs national inspection sharing sorting port.


  • Intelligent inspection, meeting customs 24 hours supervision, saving manpower.
  • The customs and national inspection systems are independent and meet the requirements of customs and national inspection for data confidentiality and system independence.
  • Intelligent fault tolerance overcomes the shortcomings of the "queue" method and can automatically correct errors.
  • Connect with the enterprise ERP to meet the needs of the enterprise, and check and sort into the warehouse.
  • A variety of work modes are available. In different scenarios, the requirements of law enforcement agencies and the rapid clearance of user units can be met at the same time.

Customs Intelligence Inspection System 

Shenzhen Customs Inspection Project