The introduction of advanced telescopic roller conveyor

With the rapid development of the material transportation industry, the cost of human resources has increased, forcing the logistics industry to carry out once-industry renewal reforms. In order to meet the needs of high-speed operation of e-commerce, the logistics warehousing and freight center must take the improvement of distribution capacity as a breakthrough. The introduction of an advanced telescopic belt conveyor will increase the sorting efficiency by about 80%. Therefore, it is necessary to adapt to the current high-speed operation of e-commerce and introduce advanced telescopic belt conveyors, which will be a good helper for warehousing and freight transportation.
Firstly, the telescopic roller conveyor can be easily telescoped. It has a storage bin. The tail can be extended or shortened with the advancement of the working surface. The structure is compact. It can be laid directly on the floor of the roadway without foundation. The rack is light and easy to disassemble. Convenience. When the conveying capacity and the transportation distance are large, an intermediate driving device can be provided to meet the requirements. According to the requirements of the conveying process, it can be transported in a single machine, or multiple units can be combined to transport horizontal or inclined transportation systems.
The development of the telescopic belt conveyor is also constantly being optimized and optimized. The current telescopic belt conveyor has the advantage of the conveyor structure with long distance and large capacity continuous conveying capacity. And the performance is higher, the function is also superior, and can meet the requirements of automatic control of the conveyor. The use of energy energy loss can be reduced and pollution can be reduced. Dongguan Changheng Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. provides a variety of advanced telescopic belt conveyors, logistics conveyors, roller conveyors, turning machines, express sorting lines and other logistics transportation equipment. Changheng has been serving customers in the logistics industry with the concept of integrity, innovation and win-win. And won the recognition and support of customers, did not feedback the trust of our customers, Chang Heng will be dedicated to provide advanced, quality and preferential products.