Changheng intelligence inspection and sortation

Changheng Intelligence—Cross-border E-Commerce Intelligent Inspection and Sortation at Customs
As China government is turning strict to anti-terrorism,smuggling, other related criminal activities hoping to maintain normal economic orders, Customs and Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine who is located at front gate of border are playing a more important role.
At present, Cross-border E-Commerce faces three main questions in need to be resolved: one question is that companies and society require to further improve efficiency of Customs clearance, further reduce trade cost, to solve settlement of exchange for foreign trade and Cross-border E-Commerce; Another question is how to adapt ourselves to more and more Cross-border packages, mails, how to speed up Customs clearance, quarantine release, how to improve service level. The last question is that the supervision of the Customs and the inspection of commodities should not be loosened through simplified process, fast Customs clearance, how to face the problem which appears contradictory.
Guangdong Changheng Intelligent Technology Co.,Ltd. has been working hard long time aiming at above questions. Our quiet R&D, down-to-earth spirit and innovation have provided one-stop solution on intelligent inspection for domestic and overseas Customs.