The specific use and introduction of Automatic Guided Vehicle

Automatic Guided Vehicle is generally called AGV, which is an important handling device for logistics systems. In general, the Automatic Guided Vehicle has electromagnetic and optoelectronic guidance, so it can follow the prescribed guide line.

Automatic Guided Vehicle

The AGV is an unmanned automated vehicle powered by electricity and equipped with a non-contact guide. It is mainly monitored by the computer and works according to the planned path of the computer. Under the control of the computer, the car can walk accurately and finally dock at the set target point to complete a series of work functions.

AGV is generally characterized by wheeled movement. For other comparisons of walking, crawling or other non-wheeled mobile robots, AGB has the advantages of quick action, simple structure, strong control and good safety.

Compared to conventional palletizers, monorail trolleys and conveyor rollers and stationary robots, the AGV has the advantage that the active area does not require fixtures such as rails and mounts. This means that the installation of the AGV is not limited by site, road and space. 

With the development of factory automation and computer integrated system technology, the Automatic Guided Vehicle has been widely used in the development of automation of some manufacturing systems and logistics industry.